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Creating a productive working environment

Getting the most out of the time you and your team spend at work is essential to the success of your business, but how do you make a productive working environment?

Research shows that there are a few key things you can do to create a working space that helps your team and business thrive, plus it’s a great way to ensure you’re top of the list when it comes to recruiting hot new talent.


1) Flexible space – a change in our environment is a great way to get the creative and problem-solving juices flowing. An office that encourages people to get up, move around, interact and work differently will give everyone a chance to be more effective at work. This could include break-out areas, standing up desks and relaxed collaboration areas.

2) Plant power – go green and get some plants in your office. Studies have shown that workspace greenery reduces fatigue, anxiety and tension, so pop on your gardening gloves and get growing. Not got green fingers? There’s lots of options that will provide a boost to your office without requiring extensive amounts of TLC.


3) Get comfortable – if you own your own business or work full-time, no doubt you spend a lot of time at the office. Make sure it’s a space you and your team want to be in, with considered touches that make everyone feel more comfortable. Soft furnishings, a relaxed spot for a tea break, a clean and spacious area to prepare lunch… there’s lots of ways to help everyone feel more confident and productive.

4) Light, bright and breezy – a productive work environment isn’t just about the material things around us; temperature and light levels are both really important factors to consider. Research shows that productivity is highest when the room is around 22 ℃. When it comes to lighting, many people report feeling affected and even drained by fluorescent bulbs – where possible, get as much natural daylight as possible streaming in to help everyone feel bright and refreshed.


When we embarked on our shared workspace project we knew we wanted to bring all these factors to our office space in Falmouth, Cornwall. Fastnet House has a range of different studios, offices, permanent workstations and hotdesks to let – give us a call or book a tour to find out how we’ve ticked all the boxes to help you get the best out of your team and your time.

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