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5 Top Tips to Create Your Perfect Office Space

Big or small, you’re likely to spend a lot of time in your office space. Whether it’s a home office or an external studio, there are some simple steps to take to ensure your working environment is not only somewhere you like to spend time, but that it also helps you to be as productive as possible.

Take a look at our top 5 tips to create a great office space…


Let there be light

Ideally, try to get lots of natural light into your work space. If this isn’t an option, and during the winter months and darker days, be sure to get enough artificial light in place to avoid eye strain and to help create a calm, welcoming environment.

Good options include an anglepoise desk lamp, or even an overhead pendant if you’re keen to save desk space.


Take a seat

If you’re going to focus and be productive, you’ve got to be comfortable. Getting the right office chair can make all the difference, so even if you’re working from home, don’t just grab a dining table chair.

Multiple studies have shown that good posture can boost productivity, so when you’re shopping for a desk chair, make sure you’re taking into account factors such as desk and screen height, as well as the ability to adjust the chair to support your arms and back.

Make it your own

With many of us spending long hours at work, either at home, at the office or co-working, even the smallest office space needs to feel inviting and welcoming. Making your work space, office or studio your own will help you feel inspired and increase productivity.

Maybe you’re partial to a comfortable, cosy space full of neutral tones, or perhaps you prefer brighter, vibrant colours that help you feel energised and invigorated? Inject some personality into your workspace with soft furnishings such as rugs, curtains and cushions.

Store all the things

There’s plenty of debate around whether ‘a tidy desk means a tidy mind’, with many feeling that a little clutter here and there is an expression of their creativity.

Whatever side you’re on, there’s no doubt that having some smart storage is essential to creating a great office or co-working space. From stationery to spare cables and old paperwork, make sure you’ve got places to pop all the bits and pieces that come with running a business. It will also help you stay on top of the cleaning – essential if you’re going to feel settled and ready to work.

If you’re hot desking, good portable storage will be really helpful to ensure you always have everything you need whenever you’re working.


Go green

Psychologists and researchers agree, nature is good for us in so many areas of our lives, from mental health to creativity and productivity. And while we can’t all take long lunch breaks in the woods or gaze out of the window at rolling fields, bringing some of the outside in also has similar effects.

Get some plants in your office or workspace to benefit from the boost to your mood and activity that nature offers. Not very green-fingered? Low maintenance plants such as aloe vera, succulents or cactuses could be a great option.

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